2-partnerB Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU)
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The Latvia University of Agriculture accommodate 1229 researchers (212 Post-doctoral researchers), 354 technical staff and 368 managerial staff. The main research areas are Agriculture, food science and technologies, veterinary medicine, forestry, agricultural economics and rural development, agricultural engineering and land management. In the framework of EUROLEGUME the expertise within the group includes research on:

-     Plant physiology, interactions between microorganisms and plants;

-     Development of new food products and determination of their quality;

-     Food packaging;

-     Optimisation of production of raw materials and products of animal origin             in subsequent steps of food chain (from farm to fork);

-     Food safety and consumers health;

-     Application of biotechnology in production of high quality food.


Latvia University of Agriculture also has experience concerning the management and coordination of international RTD projects. Dr. Ruta Galoburda leads WP4 (Nutritional value and innovative food and feed). Partner 2 also lead tasks on selection of rhizobial strains and arbuscular mycorhizal fungi (Dr. Ina Alsina), evaluation of new feed products to animal nutrition (Dr. Baiba Osmane), multiuse of focused species toward the development of innovative foods/feeds and development of new processing and packaging techniques and economic assessment of new products (Dr. Vita Sterna, Dr. Sandra Muizniece-Brasava and Liga Proskina, respectively). Additionally, Latvia University of Agriculture contributes to the overall project execution, being involved in distinct work packages namely 1, 3, 4 and 7.

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