8-partnerB Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI)
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JTI has 58 employees and includes agricultural engineers, animal scientists, agronomists, biologists, natural scientists, engineers, research technicians, administrators and public relations officers. JTI conducts research and development within the agricultural and environmental sector and works actively on spreading our knowledge further.

JTI is an institute within the SP-group. The SP-group, Swedish Technical Institute,  consists of:

SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden (

JTI – Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (

SIK – the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (

CBI, Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute (

Glafo – The Glafo Glass Research Institute (

SMP, The Swedish Machinery Testing Institute ( and

Asta AB (

Dr. Fredrik Fogelberg at JTI is responsible for the activities conducted by JTI and its subcontractors. Dr Fogelberg is today mainly working with applied research on legumes , e g cropping systems, suitable cultivars and treatment of seeds for improved feed and food value.

Dr. Ida Norberg has a background in engineering. Her focus in the EUROLEGUME project is within WP 5 and WP 7, where she will assist Dr Fogelberg in evaluation of the field experiments.

MSc Lotten Wahlund is researcher in feed and animal husbandry at JTI. She works with e g with feeding systems to pigs and dairy cows. In the EUROLEGUME project she will work in WP 4 on feed products.

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