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FRESCURA SUBLIME was established in 2009 in Ronfe, Guimarães, at the North-Western Portugal. Its main expertise is concerning to primary production of different vegetables. FRESCURA SUBLIME is characterized by a constant progress and innovation on species, cultivars and cultural practices to improve its competitiveness, which production is addressed to fresh cosumption and for pre-packaged and cut final products.

Nowadays, FRESCURA SUBLIME has a large list of customers, namely industry, food services and retailers. This company account with direction and workers devoted of plant production, quality parameters and production techniques with the final goal of reach new markets.

FRESCURA SUBLIME is interesed in strengthen their participation in the food chain by incorporating cowpea to their current catalogue of legumes because of the deep knowledge existing nowadays on positive effects of protein usage from vegetal origin, on food and feed.

The contribution of this SME to the EUROLEGUME project is regarding to perform cowpea's crops and their further process toward new frozen foods from cowpeas produced under organic and conventional conditions. This will be achieved in the framework of the “Evaluation of the quality of new feed and food” (Task 4.1.1) and the “Multiuse of all three species in development of innovative foods/feeds” (Task 2.1).

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