14-partnerB Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research  (BIOFORSK)
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Bioforsk – the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research – is a national R&D institute under the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Bioforsk is a non-profit organization with an annual turnover of around 50 m EUR. Bioforsk has about 450 employees, and conducts applied and targeted research linked to agriculture, food production and environmental issues. Although Bioforsk is a national institute with a regional representation in Norway, international collaboration is given high priority. Bioforsk’s multinational scientific staff is part of strong networks worldwide and participates in a large number of international projects within and outside Europe.


Bioforsk is divided into three research divisions, viz.:

Agriculture and Rural Development

Plant Biology and Plant Health,

Environment and Natural Resources

Norwegian Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk) will be an active research partner in the EUROLEGUME project. Bioforsk are involved in all workpackages of the project except WP4Nutritional value and innovative food and feed .

Dr. Ingunn Vågen is Bioforsk’s contact person in the project, and is also a member of the project steering committee. She is responsible for Bioforsk’s contribution to WP2 Broadening of genetic diversity in breeding trough evaluation of local genetic resources, task 2.2 “Phenotyping selected accessions for site specific biotic and abiotic stresses under organic and conventional conditions”, and WP5 Legume supported cropping system in sustainable agriculture, task 5.1 “High protein outcome-focused field investigations”.

Dr. Erik Joner is responsible for Bioforsk’s contribution in WP3 Selection of appropriate rhizobium strains to support nitrogen fixation and development of inoculant, task 3.1 “Selection of rhizobial strains and arbuscular mycorhizal fungi (AMF) for enhanced BFN and legume growth” and task 3.2 “Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of Rhizobium leguminosarum and Bradyrrhizobium spp. strains”. 

Dr. Randi Seljåsen is responsible for Bioforsk’s contribution in WP5 Legume supported cropping system in sustainable agriculture, task 5.2 “Biological nitrogen fixation focused investigations”, and WP6 Management and valorisation of the residual biomass where she is the leader of task 6.2 “N - availability to following crops”


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