13-partnerB Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)
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The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) (, founded in 1920, is the third oldest University in Greece. 


AUA comprises two faculties, and six departments with more than 350 permanent staff members. In addition, over 300 contracted researchers (Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral level) are employed in the various research projects implemented by AUA. The Departments of AUA are: 1) Crop Science, 2) Food Science and Human Nutrition, 3) Animal Science and Aquaculture, 4) Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, 5) Biotechnology, and 6) Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering.

The University is situated on a 25-hectare green campus that straddles both sides of the historic Iera Odos (the Sacred Way of antiquity), close to the Acropolis, at the heart of the ancient Olive Grove. Τhe University’s 16 building complexes comprise auditoriums, 41 fully equipped laboratories, a modern library, computer rooms, exemplary agricultural facilities (an arboretum, a vineyard, experimental fields, a flower garden, greenhouses, a cowshed, a sheep pen, a chicken coop, dairy installations, aquaculture tanks), an agricultural museum, a student centre, an indoor gym, sport fields etc.

During the last ten years, AUA has undertaken over 1000 projects funded by the European Commission, National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA), and other public and private sources. About a quarter of these were large-scale, multi-partner, EU projects.

The project EUROLEGUME will be implemented by the Department of Crop Science (DCS) of the Agricultural University of Athens ( The AUA team of EUROLEGUME includes four different laboratories of the DCS, particularly Dept. of Vegetable Crops, Dept. of Plant Breeding and Biometry, Dept. of General and Agricultural Microbiology and Dept. of Field Crops. 

Associate Professor Dimitrios Savvas ( is the coordinator of the AUA team and leader of WP5 in EUROLEGUME.
Dr. Georgia Ntatsi is the project manager of the AUA team of EUROLEGUME and as researcher she is responsible for the AUA contribution to WP5.3.

The AUA Research Team includes also the following researchers:
Prof. Penelope Bebeli (responsible for the AUA contribution to WP2)
Assistant Prof. Anastasia Tampakaki (responsible for the AUA contribution to WP3)
Lecturer Ioannis Karapanos (responsible for the AUA contribution to Tasks 4.1 and 4.3)
Associate Prof. Dimitrios Bilalis (responsible for the AUA contribution to Tasks 5.1 and 6.2)
Lecturer Ilias Travlos (responsible for the AUA contribution to Task 6.3)
Dr. Rikos Thanopoulos, Dr. Anastasios Katsileros, M.Sc. Charis-Konstantina Kontopoulou and M.Ed Andreas Ropokis.

In addition, two external researchers, Prof. Constatntinos Kittas from the Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions and Environment Control and Lecturer Anestios Karkanis from the Laboratory of Crop Production, both from the University of Thessaly, contribute to specific tasks of the Project related to their specialization. Professor Kittas contributes to design of drought stress experiments (WP5), irrigation aspects in all field and greenhouse experiments (WP5 & WP6), as well as to selection, processing and evaluation of meteorological data and their impact on the performance of different genotypes (WP5 & WP6). Dr. Karkanis contributes to the rotation experiments (WP5).

Moreover two Ph. D. students, namely M. Sc. Fay Lazaridi and M. Sc. Christos Fotiadis and 3 M.Sc. students (to be selected during the first 3 years of the project), will contribute to the implementation of AUA work for EUROLEGUME.


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