18-partnerB Estirpe D’Honra, Ltd. (ESTIRPE)
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Estirpe D'Honra Unipessoal Lda. (ESTIRPE) is a SME founded in August 2011. It is placed in the small village of Alfaião - Bragança, in the North-East of Portugal. The main expertise and dedication of ESTIRPE on the rabbit breeding area.


This SME exports out live growing rabbits to Spain, in a total of about 70 tons per year. It always works to meet the market needs, with the highest sustainability and competitive edge.

ESTIRPE is committed to the professionalization of the industry. An additional compromise with the implementation of I+D in husbandry prompted ESTIRPE to guide their efforts also to the innovation and evolution of sustainable and competitive production through research partnerships with other companies and universities. In this regard, It was involved in distinct projects linked to rabbit breeding.

ESTIRPE contributes to EUROLEGUME project concerning to the valorization of crop residual biomass concerning to their utilization as an animal feed (Task 6.1) participating actively in the final testing of diets in order to define the incorporation levels of treated biomass.

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