Work Package 2: Broadening of genetic diversity in breeding trough evaluation of local genetic resources

Work package leader: Dr. Arta Kronberga (SPPBI, Latvia).




The objective of WP2 is to evaluate the performance of local genetic resources of pea, cowpea and faba bean accessions for potential benefits in regard to selective breeding for site-specific abiotic and biotic conditions.


-    Plant phenotyping to relate genetic information and plant traits for efficient breeding approaches;

-    Evaluation of plant performance according to quality parameters in different macro climatic zones;

-    Development of NIR technologies for quality parameter evaluation in breeding.

-    Evaluation of genetic resources by using DNA markers.




The key for success of any breeding programs lies in the availability of genetic variability for desired traits. Enlarging genetic diversity is very important today, because successful in modern breeding programmes has been accompanied by significant losses of genetic diversity (Cowling, 2012). Thus, a survey through genetic resource in means of exploration, introduction, characterization and evaluation could provide a strong basis for the future development of superior varieties by various methods. Taking the above into consideration, comprehensive work on the collection, characterization and evaluation of germplasm for resilience and resistance under different environmental conditions, seed characteristics, and qualitative and quantitative yield traits is imperative.

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