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16-partnerB Symbiom, s.r.o., Ltd (SYMBIOM)
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 Web: www.symbiom.cz


Since 1999 when founded, Symbiom is focused on research, development and production of mycorrhizal-fungi based products and organic fertilizers to stimulate plant growth, yield and health status and which are targeted for use in organic agriculture as well as in conventional plant productions. Thanks to permanent distribution network, the products are available in 12 European countries, in the Middle East, the USA, South Korea and Australia. The significant part of the business forms R&D in application modes of mycorrhizal fungi. Company has developed novel technologies based on pressurized and non-pressurized injection of the products for treating the mature plants, trees and shrubs, or the tiller plough for applications in orchards and vineyards.


Symbiom participates in WP3 as being in charge of selection and testing of AM fungi and development of a new commercial product based on rhizobial and AM fungi. Symbiom will perform isolation of the native mycorrhizal populations from legume field sites of selected countries, prepare and multiply single strain AMF cultures for further tests of compatibility with selected rhizobia and growth effects on target crops. Symbiom also contributes to WP5 via evaluation of AMF based inoculant on legume performance in greenhouse and field trials.